Anthrax the disease essay

First, anthrax is extremely lethal.

Prognosis of anthrax

This terrorist style act resulted in 22 cases of disease and 5 deaths Walsh, Skane If a person shows signs and symptoms after exposure to animals or animal products from parts of the world where anthrax is common, however, it is best to contact a health care provider. Biological and Chemical Warfare has become a major threat not only to the safety to the people of America, but also on the frontlines across the world but, that in order to fix these that the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and Chemical Weapons Convention could do is to make mandatory background checks for anyone who buy Others letters such as this started popping up in major American media companies [Tom Brokaw at NBC], making the nation terrified to open mail For instance, laboratory workers who are exposed to anthrax are advised to receive the vaccination against anthrax followed by annual boosters, in order to prevent cutaneous anthrax exposures. Anthrax is an extremely life threatening disease. In the book entitled Microbe Hunters, the author, Paul de Kruif, describes multiple scientists that participated in microbe hunting, where they tracked down the causes of many diseases in the world while trying to locate cures or preventives. The bump then develops into an open sore with a black area in the center. On the other hand, control of anthrax involves restricting contacts with infected animals.

According to the CDCwhile anthrax is not known to spread between humans, humans are commonly infected by handling infected animals or animal products.

By common usage, anthrax also refers to the causative agent, Bacillus anthracis. The Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo tried to spread anthrax from its Tokyo office building in and failed dismally.

Injection anthrax

Application to Nursing: When taking care of a patient with anthrax, the nurse should wear rubber gloves and a rubber apron. Anthrax spores can be produced in a powdery form for biological warfare. In humans, anthrax transmission has been found to occur through the use of contaminated animal products such as hides used in making drums which are imported from anthrax endemic countries CDC The Bacilli anthracis are engulfed by the macrophages to form complexes, which are later transported along the lymphatic system to the cervical lymph nodes. The bacterium is part of the species Bacillus Cereus Koehler, This terrorist style act resulted in 22 cases of disease and 5 deaths Walsh, Skane The profession of tanner is a person who gets leather to become soft and strong. The Bacilli anthracis are carried along the lymphatic system to the lymph nodes where they cause lymphadenopathy.

In man, the infection is acquired from animal source, usually through damaged skin or mucous membrane. One should give an account of the discovery of anthrax in by the German physician Robert Koch.

The gastrointestinal form of anthrax results from eating contaminated meat. For example, advanced biological technology may provide cures for illnesses but it also provides instruments of biological terrorism.

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Essay on Anthrax