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What are some ways you can avoid behavior problems? In doing so I noticed a solemn look come across her face. Describe your discipline philosophy. With the background information out of the way, it's time to dig a little deeper. It will then be returned to you for revision. TIPS: Give specific instances of when you have had to be flexible in the classroom. Thompson — Flemmings Topic: An investigation of the effectiveness of the auditing procedures used in the accounting office at the Portland Parish Council.

When necessary, you may be asked to attend a meeting in which you can make suggestions for updating the IEP. It will then be returned to you for revision.

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Tell us about a lesson in which you've used differentiated instruction. Describe one college course that taught you the most about being a good teacher. If you are not already doing this on a regular basis, you should be. Murakami undertook research that addressed the second language L2 educational issue of EAL teacher training as well as its significance to the field of EAL teaching. What do you look for in a principal? Whatever inspired you to be a teacher will directly translate into your disposition in the classroom. An unstructured interview is one in which you have specific questions to ask, but you are also free to deviate from your plan in order to ask follow-up questions or pursue a topic that presents itself. Last time, I went to Shi Pai Junior High School to interview a teacher and asked something about the class management. I wanted to see what ideas overlapped and what people from different cultures may think differently on. These were the qualities I looked for when given the assignment to interview a classmate and find how they are an asset to the class. The researcher conducted three interviews with a diverse group of art educators on the topic of engaging students in art, focusing on their experiences, observations, and ideas connected to the research questions. Also, emphasize that you suspect discipline problems will be minimal because your lessons are very interesting and engaging to students. This, in turn, should help you in making an informed decision about your career plans and help you better understand the course material. You might have a weekly parent newsletter that you send home each week.

Always be polite, but you should question, challenge, or follow up on both in the interview and the paper any answer that you disagree with or that puzzles or confuses you. Do you think you are a flexible person? Tell us about a lesson in which you've used differentiated instruction.

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The same penalties will apply if you miss this deadline. I will probably need to spend less time working with them one-on-one, plus experienced candidates know what they are getting into.

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Western and African romanticism has lead many historians to create and adapt scientific methodologies in order to penetrate the combination of personal objectives, interview limitations, and psychological intricacies that were present in each life history. In fewer than five minutes, how would you introduce yourself to a group of parents, students, and teachers from our school? Other principals are just as interested in a candidate's approach to classroom management: What is your approach to classroom management and student discipline? The hiring committee is really trying to figure out if you can think and respond quickly and intelligently on a dime. This question will come up at almost every elementary school interview. How do you meet the needs of all your students in the classroom? She has 23 years teaching experience in the field of Special Education.

Comparing and contrasting was the most important concept when it came to deciphering what the importance is when it comes to culture. Chris Vail, assistant principal at Groveport Madison Middle School South in Groveport, Ohio, is interested in getting a handle on the ability of teachers to structure a good lesson, but one of the questions he asks is intent on getting a read on whether or not a teacher knows what to do if a lesson is not working.

Interview process 5. Most classes have students with a wide-range of reading abilities.

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