Freelance travel writing jobs

They want original writing, photography and videography that showcases fun adventures, unique cultures and amazing experiences on the road with emphasis on rented campervans and motorhomes, though any road trip will be considered.

Freelance travel writing jobs

If you can write a good post and communicate well with the editors, you can probably get a gig or two per month. As a copywriter you know that good tourism articles are emotional and fun. In this section websitesyour work will most likely be published online.

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I'm going to focus on freelance writing, which I've done for years and know quite a bit about. Should I become a travel writer? Yes, you can travel and get paid for it.

travel journalist job

With over six million readers, this is one of the magazines to pitch if you want to make a name for yourself within travel writing.

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Can Travel Writing Jobs Really Pay for Your Travels?