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So why am I selling it at this price and giving you so much value for your money? Need actual charts? JavaNet will be incorporated as an LLC corporation.

Some charge a monthly fee, while others charge an hourly fee. Current trends in the Northwest reflect the popularity of fresh, strong, quality coffee and specialty drinks.

They can offer programs for the home offices or small business, like basic databases or inventory software.

internet cafe businesses

There should be a seperate table for the cashier. A single estimated figure will be allocated for this purpose. Due to the nature of the Internet, there are no geographical boundaries restricting competition. Currently, JavaNet is enjoying a first-mover advantage in the local cyber-cafe market.

Sales: JavaNet is basing their projected coffee and espresso sales on the financial snapshot information provided to them by Allann Bros. The site at 10th and Oak will require funds for renovation and modification.

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Internet Cafe Business Plan