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Posted in: LufthansaTales From the Field Lufthansa is probably the most hated airline in the travel agent world these days for a variety of reasons. I just want to have the same opportunity to select my seat, and pay extra for more leg room, so that my husband and I can sit together on this very long, red-eye flight.

The agent just processed the payment over the phone. If you have yet to choose a seat and you are within hours to departure, you can do so while checking-in for your flightonline or at the airport.

The case was thrown out in after the judge in the Northern District Court of Illinois said the court didn't have jurisdiction over the case because Zaman didn't live or do business in that city.

Pets Does Lufthansa have online check-in? We had it confirmed on multiple occasions. Plenty of agencies are trying to book away from Lufthansa these days.

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They were able to get seats toward the back of the airplane together, but they were angry and confused. Sounds like unbundling to me! The only exception to this is if they book an Economy Class Light fare on a European flight.

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This is what we are working on, because we do not want to sell just a standard business class. Lufthansa will start charging extra to reserve preferred seats in business class onboard its new jets. And she can NOT select her seats. That creates quite a difference in product within the same cabin.

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