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It reflects the real world — Burgess even says so himself in a foreword: This is based on real stories, real events, and real people.

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Translated into 28 different languages, adapted for TV and the stage, it has been my most successful book so far. And Gemma it is who decides to take heroin first.

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However, once he is released, Gemma realises that she no longer feels the same about Tar, and eventually they break up. Gemma, despite having loving - albeit strict - parents, also decides to leave home and join Tar in Bristol shortly afterwards. What is usually called teenage fiction is really for people aged up to fourteen or so. About the book Junk is set in Bristol, where I lived myself for eight years in the late seventies and eighties. Meanwhile, Gemma locates Vonny and asks for her help. On being them. Jerry — boyfriend of Vonny, lives with Richard and Vonny in the squat.

And with the year-old British man, Melvin Burgess, who wrote her character in the original Young Adult book Junk, published 20 years ago by Andersen Press.

I saw many of them myself and heard about many more. How old were you when Junk was published? Jerry — boyfriend of Vonny, lives with Richard and Vonny in the squat. It was the biggest adventure of my life.

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But, in light of recent events to deal with my personal situation, I have contemplated self-harm. Very emotional, close, real.

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This is one of the most compelling and disturbing books that I have ever read. After a particularly vulnerable moment with Lily, who non-verbally admits she is completely out of her depth, Gemma realises that she cannot let the same thing happen to her own baby.

There is a bit in the book where Alan and Helen, who are dealers, die through an overdose. Vonnie is a teacher these days. His seminal book that lit up my boring year-old existence is being re-published for the 20th anniversary with a new, slightly less bright green cover — as though darkened by 20 years of teenagers obsessively reading it.

Melvin burgess junk

Or maybe it blasts you into outer space. And my girlfriend at the time did a drawing of a dandelion. You want to know what happened next? They just randomly show up. Vonnie is a teacher these days. The character voices sang to me — sang to me through the pages. By the way, Loving April was the same good book. Do you think people and the media are having honest conversations about drugs now? When you pick something symbolic in that way, it takes on a life of its own. Fiction is different from journalism, which is more about real life. On the other hand, the subject matter. Meanwhile, Gemma locates Vonny and asks for her help. Was he destined for addiction, in some form, like his parents before him? Richard holds a "farewell" party in the abandoned house and, to Vonny's chagrin, he invites Lily and Rob, a couple whom she suspects to be on hard drugs.
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Melvin Burgess: 'Junk is the book I wish I had when I was 15'