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The movie, then, completely contradicts its own premise in a way that I guess is supposed to make a statement on free will, but really just comes off as confusing. The Army even staged the earlier traffic accident to allow Anderton to escape and learn about the minority report.

Blame media for our problems i.

The minority report

There are statues built of them; school children are taken on field trips to learn about them, with instruction reverently delivered; and we are told — though quite falsely — that they live in luxury with all their needs met. His brief glimpses into a schoolhouse were all it took to make him long for a chance to study and learn Science and Ethics b. Do you agree? It was up in her attic. Some murders and events are perfectly predicted. Anderton changes his fate and arrests him instead. The Herald on the other hand, is a state sponsored and owned publication and its Directors and Board members are linked to the government or the ruling political party ZANU PF. New vs. Except that, in the end, Anderton kills General Kaplan to save Precrime. Profit-driven Media e.

Eventually a scene occurs where Burgess corners Anderton with a gun in the same manner as predicted by the Precogs. Blame media for our problems i. In order for this to happen, all three precogs have the same vision of an even It's great fiction and tremendously thought provoking. Anderton must now decide whether to remain silent and turn himself in or to speak out about the minority report while simultaneously revealing a flaw that could discredit the entire Precrime system.

Government and scientist role in science c. This method has replaced the traditional system of discovering a crime and its perpetrator after the crime has already been committed, then issuing punishment after the fact.

The director of Precrime, Anderton, becomes implicated by the Precogs as the future murderer of Leonard Kaplan, an army general. His autobiography offers readers a look into his life as a young child. This constant distortion tempts us to believe that there really are more men than women and, further, that men are the cultural standard.

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Second, the original was written back inalmost half a century before the film, and the science of that time would be hopelessly out-of-date for a modern audience.

Anderton changes his fate and arrests him instead.

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Essay on Minority Report: The Book vs the Movie