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Just as they were set to tour, Neil left the band.

Neil young write a long letter video

That was abundantly clear on his ripped-from-the-headlines album Living With War. Fans came to hear hits from Harvest, but he packed the set list full of brand-new tunes that left many in the crowds very confused and highly irritable. At the time, it was greeted as a complete disaster. He just loves a good song, and some great friends to play it with. That and the tour that followed were wildly successful, but the decibels were high in those shows, and Young was hit with a major case of tinnitus. The entire LP is a primal scream against George W. Share on Twitter 2. Share on Twitter Over five minutes it addresses the bullies he encountered at grade school, the formation of his high school band the Squires, his fabled trip from Canada to Los Angeles and the rise of Buffalo Springfield. She built up their shared charity event, The Bridge School.

Where today he uses Crazy Horse to look back, in he left them behind and brought in classic players like Spooner Oldham, Ben Keith, and Tim Drummond — not to mention back-up singing from the likes of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt — to finally make his country album.

A roadie Bruce Berry dies from a heroin overdose.

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Many of the Homegrown songs surfaced on later albums, but "Kansas" stayed in the vault and only emerged again on Young's solo acoustic tour. The live rendition on Year of the Horse is even better.

At the time, it was greeted as a complete disaster. Neil knows we all die, but we can still go round. But those that didn't give Life a chance really missed out.

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The hardcores knew that was a title of a album that was shelved in favor of Americans Stars 'n Bars. These songs stretch out, but they do so quietly, their power coming in the beauty of a harmony, the sweet melt of a pedal steel. He's played it a handful of times in the past couple of decades, and it remains absolutely brilliant and chilling.

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Did his own gun backfire when his "face splashed in the sky"? That was abundantly clear on his ripped-from-the-headlines album Living With War. Some are from albums that never came out, while others were only played live a handful of times before disappearing completely. It tends to pop up in concert right around the time of major elections. Bush and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Share on Twitter 8. Hopefully it'll finally get a release on the long-awaited second box set. This gentle love ballad was cut during the sessions for Homegrown, an LP he canned in favor of Tonight's the Night, itself an album that had been sitting on the shelf for over a year. The lone highlight of the whole endeavor is the title track. Share on Twitter 2. Hence the hushed country shuffle of Harvest Moon.

Some classics miss the cut entirely. Share on Twitter 7.

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Even with 35 albums, there are a ton of tracks that have fallen by the wayside over the years. His wailing notes frequently continue his storylines on their own, with bended distorted flourishes.

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Harvest Moon (Neil Young song)