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Fate can affect a person's life in many different ways. King Oedipus is profoundly concerned about his people, and is determined to relive the misery that is occurring due to the curse in his city.

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Fate influences the entire plot, thereby allowing for some interesting developments that may be unpredictable to the audience. It can also be defined as the outcome or end of some sort. Consequently, each work varies incredibly in its meaning and its presentation of Oedipus and the tragedy surrounding him. However, what Oedipus soon finds out is that he has no idea who he is, and that all along he has been blind himself. Oedipus questions Creon about the murder of Laius, who was killed by thieves on his way to consult an oracle. Fate is what is meant to happen and cannot be avoided or unchanged. As is common in the Greek tragedy Oedipus is also an aristocrat. Key issues in this play are pointed towards in realm of a tragedy, because Oedipus suffers a few character flaws such as anger, pride and arrogance. He displays both ambition and understated humour by using irony in diverse ways, both cosmic and dramatic, as well as verbal irony to add a greater level of wit. In the story Oedipus, by Sophocles, a young king named Oedipus discovers his dreadful fate.

Key issues in this play are pointed towards in realm of a tragedy, because Oedipus suffers a few character flaws such as anger, pride and arrogance. Oedipus was royalty and knew it as well did King Laius.

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At the start of the play it is communicated that Antigone, along with her sister Ismene, are the sole surviving children of Oedipus. This essay will seek to show that this is not the case because the presence of a tragic flaw within the protagonist is shown to be the cause of his downfall.

But this Grecian tragedy was revised and translated into English by Paul Roche and put into a novel form. Oedipus was taken as an infant, left to die, but was rescued by a shepard and his wife. Oedipus wished to reject his personal predestination and wanted make a life of his own choosing.

The health in Thebes only occurs at the end of the play when the plague has disappeared and after Oedipus blinds himself. The most obvious theme being irony.

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The tragic flaw that Sophocles gives Oedipus is hubris exaggerated pride or self-confidence , which is what caused Oedipus to walk right into the fate he sought to escape. From the beginning, Oedipus has an overwhelming sense of his own, individual power, as indicated by his constant use of the first-person pronouns I and me. Oedipus cannot escape the specific points of the prophecy, but that prophecy only determines the limits of his freedom. Both his stubbornness and his swift responses are strong qualities that he possesses, and they will prove to be both an asset to him, and a liability that will eventually lead to his demise. References Sophocles. If love was the thing that would set Oedipus free of fate, it seems he did not get the opportunity to find it. In your discussion refer to how the issues explored in the play have a wider significance than the tragedy of Oedipus as an individual. People are neglectful in the decisions they make because they are sure that if they get what they need, joy will undoubtedly be inevitable for them. This statement by Aristotle reflects the ideas portrayed in the play Oedipus Rex. One major area left open for interpretation is sight. Fate being what some say is an excuse.
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