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A consultant psychiatrist from the Federal Medical Centre conducts quarterly site visits for the purposes of clinical supervision, while CCMHP staff make monthly visits to monitor implementation.

Another explanation is, of course, the lack of clear governmental steering. Trained community psychiatric nurses CPNs operate outpatient clinics in special primary care facilities known as Comprehensive Health Centres, which offer an enhanced package of health services.

She was, therefore, anxious to put forward the perspective of the social services, but she stressed at the same time that she did not want to get involved in the practical performance of the project. Only a few informants stated that they had heard something about ACT in the courses.

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Social services participant, municipality West I. Local Experiences of the Training Program In this section, some of the results from both the interviews with key informants including follow-up interviews and the in-depth study will be presented.

State government have expressed their desire to see more CPNs trained, perhaps even assigning two CPNs to each clinic to increase manpower. The single exception seemed to be the strategy of arranging resource groups in collaboration with the clients, although these groups still varied in terms of responsibility and intensity among the case managers.

The categories that were found relevant were summarised in short paragraphs, and illustrative quotes were selected.

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Table 5. Community health extension workers CHEWs at other primary health care facilities are trained in World Health Organisation mental health Gap Action Programme mhGAP intervention guidelines for Nigeria, and are also equipped to detect, manage and treat cases. Looking at the proposal from the National Coordination of Psychiatry, the lack of precision when it comes to describing the proposed model ACT was apparent. The study was performed in accordance with Swedish research ethics laws and the Declaration of Helsinki on research ethics. The text did not provide guidance concerning if the proposal covered all components of the ACT model or just components that were related to the case-manager function. All of the written texts and the interviews were analysed through directed content analysis [ 40 ]. The university and the private company that was responsible for delivering the training programmes played active roles during the planning and performance of the education, but they pulled back soon after the training programmes were finished. We tried to invite politicians, managers and civil servants to an information meeting about the national initiative and the training programmes. Social service participant, South municipality. The IP model consists, as mentioned, of a number of modules that are collected in workbooks. One explanation for the lack of program fidelity at the local level seemed to be the mismatch between the characteristics of the social service authorities and the psychiatric components of the IP model. In such cases, the strategies with case managers and resource groups could work as platforms for collaboration between the psychiatry and social services. These CBOs have since adopted mental health as areas of focus in their own work and started raising awareness about the programme. Community Mental Health Outline 1.

The representatives of the social services, however, expressed doubts about their usefulness because the responsibility of social services does not cover psychiatric services.

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Comprehensive Community Mental Health Programme