Should class attendance be required

Mandatory attendance in college classes

It seems that nowadays colleges are concentrating more on keeping the students inside the classroom rather than on imparting quality education. Out of 7 teachers, 6 explains very well by giving practical examples but although teachers are explaining well enough student don't give proper attention. Develop skills we have to be better in every aspect. If compulsory attendance is there. Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below. Becoz school is that which mould our personalities. This proves that attending classes do not matter," she says. A student having high attendance and still gaining no knowledge is useless. This is not education. So attendance is not a matter. The classes are interactive.

And in that case, attendance should be compulsory. Subject attendance system — Schools should prepare the curriculum which is student friendly and there should be minimum mandatory attendance for each subject.

If students regularly attend the school they learn everything and they are relieved from academic pressure too.

should student attendance in classes be compulsory?

When we got the results, only about eight in a class of 32 had passed in all subjects and I was one of them. Many students are earning with learning to sustain their studies expenses. If the teacher cannot create interest in the class, there is no point in attending his classes regularly.

should attendance be mandatory in high school

Why we start to bunking the classes is we feel like we are wasting our time without gaining. This is because, for youngsters like ourselves, the most important thing to focus on is making a career, and getting a name for ourselves.

college attendance policy statistics
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Compulsory Attendance: Thou Art Not Needed